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Power Plates adopt the principles of acceleration training to stimulate the body’s natural response to vibration.


These clever machines are ideal for strength and conditioning, shape change, as well as stretching, massage and balance.


Waves of energy are transmitted and the muscles subconsciously contract between 30-50 times a second – and it’s this rapid cycle of muscle contraction which makes the training so effective.

Power Plate training can give you a full body workout in less than 25 minutes – making it ideal for today’s busy lifestyles.


Our short, sharp workouts, combining the Plates with kettlebells, dumbbells, power clubs, resistance bands, TRX etc. to perform squats, lunges, press ups, rows, planks etc., have been scientifically proven to help you build lean muscle which burns off excess fat; and get toned as quickly and safely as possible.


More muscles, doing more things, more often.





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